trips and such...

hey folks, long overdue on the posting. how do i know - i've had comments, and i know if it gets to the point where I am getting comments it's bad :P So here I am, posting away. I hope you all enjoy.

Quick update on what's been going on and where I'm at right now:
- moved in to the new place - yay!
- had awesome birthday weekend for my bro/dad - yay^2!
- had a hectic week putting together data to answer a question for the Minister - ack!
- had a chill weekend at the new place - ahhhh.
- had my stephen and christine over for st. pat's dinner and good times - woot!
- took a trip to kamloops - umm... woo!
- anya/will/michelle are all coming for the weekend - yay^3
- michelle is staying for a bit - E#JOI#$)(!!!

So work is good, the new place is the bomb, i'm a happy camper (on the whole).

i'll start with pics of the place and then move on from there. so here we go.Collapse )


ok kids, i'm on a movie watching kick right now.

give me what you got - be they your all-time faves, the one that gave you a good chuckle last week or the crushing drama that you sobbed yourself to sleep over on Sunday.

and..... go!